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  • Lindsay helped me to transform many deeply held and limiting beliefs around dating and relationships and opened up my world so that I have more fun dating. Dating is no longer a job, it's more fun. Lindsay made a big difference in my love life, and if you are looking for someone to help you with yours, I recommend Lindsay.

    S.C., Writer and Coach, California

  • Lindsay has proven to be an exceptional & versatile coach, capable of guiding me through a pivotal transitional period in my late twenties. I can say that Lindsay is a big part of why I am more passionate, decisive, and daring when it comes to my personal and professional goals. Rarely have I worked for someone who I knew so genuinely cared for the well-being and success of her clients -- the mark of truly effective and meaningful coach.

    K.L., Program Design & Development Analyst, California

  • I have followed Lindsay's advice many times and gotten the results I desired. She has patiently coached me through several situations and stayed by my side the entire time. I'm feeling more confident every day and finding that I am starting to manage through my situations on my own. That is the sign of a truly great teacher! She is also very accessible and responsive. Lindsay is wholly unique; unlike any coach I've ever worked with. I would highly recommend Lindsay as a dating or relationship coach!

    Brooke, Senior Investor Relations Professional, Colorado

Love From Lindsay