Q: Who do you typically work with?

Truly, anyone who is ready to change their experience of themselves and their life - more love, intimacy, community, money, health, purpose, and general well-being and happiness is available to anyone.

Q: I’m curious but not sure about this whole life coaching thing. Can I try it first?

A: You may schedule a free 20 minute phone chat to make sure that it makes sense to work together. I will give you an honest assessment of whether I can help you get what you want. Then, we can do a more in-depth 45 minute (and also free!) consultation to make sure I'm the best person to help you. By the end of the consultation process, we'll both be able to tell if we're a good match. We'll make a decision to work together - or not.

Q: Are you a licensed therapist?

A: No. I am not a licensed mental health professional and do not provide psychotherapy, counseling, or any other mental health service that would require a license, nor do I hold myself out to provide such services. If I think that you need these services, I am happy to refer you to several outstanding therapists. I provide coaching and education that often result in substantial learning and transformation. I am a certified coach and a certified Masters level NLP practitioner.

Q: How is this different than therapy?

A: I love therapy! My work is similar to therapy in that we talk about what's going on. But my work is not therapy. My process is about resolving current issues holding you back so that you can immediately create the positive changes in your life with much more ease. It is very guided and interactive. A lot of my clients have done therapy before and find that coaching with me is a great next step after the traditional therapy process.

Q: What happens in the individual sessions?

A: Mostly, I ask you questions and guide you through exercises with the intention that you reframe your experience in a way that will help you get what you want. Often, clients come away from each session feeling better, with more insights, and a breakthrough in a previously stuck situation. I don’t follow any scripts or formulas. I steer clear of lecturing/advice giving as well as being a passive listener. I like to be real with my clients, ask them questions they haven't considered before, and give them a whole lot of love and support throughout their process of having the life they want.

Q: What about matchmaking?

A: I'm not into it. I think it's way too expensive and it doesn't even work! I prefer coaching because coaching guides you in making changes in your life so that YOU attract a good match for yourself. If I were to just set people up, the relationships probably wouldn't last too long because neither person will have done the work to be ready for a relationship. I promise you that there are still eligible and attractive people out there for you to meet. Let's get you ready to meet them.

Q: Do you coach couples? Men too?

A: Yes and yes!

Q: What if I don't live near you?

A: Thanks to technology, you're in luck. I see my clients over video conferencing software. Scheduling is much easier this way. Plus, you can wear your jammies and bring your pets to our sessions if you want : )