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If you’re ready to be assisted in creating the love life you truly desire:

My coaching works in 3 phases to help you:

1. Understand Love

  • We get to know each other and your current situation.
  • We identify what’s getting in your way of attracting love.
  • We explore perspectives you probably haven’t heard before about what is love and how to attract it.
  • I will give you the information you may be missing to better understand the opposite sex.
2. Practice Love
  • You will do exercises and try on practices that will help you feel happier, more confident, and excited about your love life.
  • You will get tools to help you deal with days when you might not be so excited.
  • You will build healthy habits geared toward keeping you centered and happy while dating and/or building intimacy in your relationship.
  • I will give you feedback and support as you grow.
3. Attract (More) Love
  • We will keep up your loving and happy momentum once you are seriously dating someone.
  • I will share tools on how to keep the spark alive and your forward movement on track.
  • I will help you prevent self-sabotage since starting to get closer to someone can sometimes bring up new roadblocks.
  • We will establish new goals for you now that your love life is where you want it to be.

When you work with me, you can expect to experience what my other clients have experienced:

  • liking yourself, appreciating yourself, and feeling all around better about yourself
  • the feeling of ALIVENESS
  • awareness of what you want and how to communicate it
  • significantly less fear, resentment, and overall crunchiness
  • more desire, turn-on, and playfulness in your daily life
  • wake up happier and more confident
  • sense of independence and fulfillment
  • a hotter and more satisfying sex life
  • deep connection with the people in your life
  • out of your head in the bedroom and beyond
  • more confidence about your body
  • more fun with the opposite sex
  • feel sexy every day (even the days when you don’t look sexy!)