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Is Love Magic For You? 

• Are you feeling anxious about your love life? Are you single and looping in fear about when you will finally meet The One? Or you’re in a relationship but can’t enjoy it because your fears and worries take over?

• Do you have dreams and aspirations yet you feel totally stuck, frustrated and increasingly hopeless because time is ticking by and you don’t know what you’re doing wrong or how to change it?

• Do you feel off? Unplugged? Disconnected from yourself? Are you yearning for inspiration and motivation but don’t know where to start?

• Do you feel secretive about having a hard time right now? Do you struggle to talk openly about this with friends, family, a romantic interest? Or, do you talk endlessly about it with everyone, and feel totally embarrassed for everyone knowing your biggest insecurity?

In the 8 Week Love Magic Program, you will:

• Learn the key information that we never learned in school about what’s behind your anxiety that is keeping you from having the connection you’re craving. You will also get daily guidance and practices on how to feel a sense of calm and trust regardless of what’s happening in your love life. You will no longer be a prisoner to outside circumstances! Partly, because you will feel so much better, but partly because, you will become so much more attractive when you aren’t so anxious all the time.

• Learn about your personal avoidance strategies so you can see the ways that you are actually avoiding what you want most. Through a customized tracking system, you will get crucial information about what needs to change so that you can transform your current reality. You will feel empowered to make the changes you most yearn for and you will become one of the happiest and most grounded people you know.

• Cultivate an unstoppable sense of momentum in creating a life you love. Lindsay will give you the full scoop on her Mary Poppins style bag of tricks and practices to create aliveness, wellness, and joy. You will be supported in creating happiness habits that you will have for the rest of your life.

• Transform feeling ashamed and alone into a whole new reality of being supported and connected.

• I offer a private coaching program that is essentially the same content as the group program, but delivered in a more customized schedule. This is a great option if the Group Program doesn’t fit your style or schedule. Since you don’t have access to the Training Webinars or the Q&A Webinars, this program has additional coaching sessions so I can some extra time to teach you the system and answer any questions you have.

• While the Group Program is only for women, the Private Coaching Program is available to men! I am happy to work with men who want help in creating a life they want.

Private Program

Level 1 Group Program

Level 2 Group Program


Pre-Program Assignments: Make sure you have enough time and mental space to successfully complete the program. These will get you ready for your best life yet. No procrastinating or wasting time.

Weekly Workbook: Know exactly what to work on each week to move your life forward and feel less anxious.

Weekly Love Report: Track your progress and focus your brain on your successes, so you can attract even more love and magic into your life.

Live Classes With Lindsay: Learn the information that we never got taught in school about love, relationships, and creating the life we want. You will feel so much more confident about life with this key info!

Live Q and A Calls With Lindsay: Get support in the roadblocks you encounter along the way and cut through the isolation when you hear like-minded women going through a similar process. 

Video Recordings of Classes: Watch later if you cannot attend a live session or re-learn the material anytime you'd like once the program is complete.

Guided Meditations: Feel calm, grounded, and at ease no matter what’s going on in your life. You will love using these after the program is complete too! A consistent anchor in your life to feeling good.

Private Coaching Sessions with Lindsay: Uncover the unconscious or emotional blocks to having the love life you've always wanted - the stuff you have no idea is stopping you. Lindsay will reframe what is particularly stuck in your situation so that you can attract love more easily and faster. 

Magical Presents From Lindsay: Personalized gifts (in the mail!) to open you to the magic that's available to you - right away! 


  • Everything is virtual. I use excellent video conferencing software to make sure our connection is great and you get to do the program in your jammies if you want. 
  • My programs are not a good fit for anyone who wants quick advice on a situation and doesn't have the time or desire to go on a deeper transformational journey. Working with me creates lasting change, no quick fixes. 
  • I offer payment plans (but I don't take insurance).
  • I am not a licensed therapist. I am a certified coach and Master NLP Practitioner. I offer assignments, tools, and one-on-one guidance to create lasting change for my clients. 

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No obligation, no pushy sales, no catch. It is truly to see if we're a good fit for working together.

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