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Elle France: Professional Love Coach

Check out the ‘Professional Love Coach’ article featured in Elle: France. View the PDF, or click inside to read the article.
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ABCNews – How To Flirt


In a recent interview series on¬†, ABCNews Radio interviewed me on several topics for their Women’s Life Series. Click the link below to hear my favorite segment:

How To Flirt – Lindsay Chrisler and ABCNews:Slacker


Flirting is a skill we were all born with and for me, it’s a skill that I have to be always practicing to feel good. I love flirting. It makes me feel alive, fun, and connected.

These days, everyone is scared to flirt and live with an open heart because it might lead to something we don’t want, invite in trouble, and the list of fears and excuses goes on. At a recent speaking event in Brooklyn, New York, I instructed the women to text a guy in their life (any guy – co-worker, dad, brother, lover, husband, ex) something flirty, appreciative, or kind. There were a few grumbles in the crowd and one woman piped up and said “but flirting leads to something” as if she was describing something horrible and unthinkable.

Maybe it will lead to something. Maybe it’s a harmless appreciative act of kindness that will lead to something good. If not, I trust you to be able to speak up and say no thank you.¬†Most likely, you will put a smile on someone’s face and make someone’s day and we could all afford to do that more often.

Enjoy this interview and let me know your thoughts and questions on flirting. I love hearing from you!

How To Flirt – Lindsay Chrisler and ABCNews:Slacker


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