There is a better way to create a love life you really love. 

And, you’re not alone in figuring it out.

How do I know? I helped myself and hundreds of women completely revolutionize their love life. 

Ever since I was 5 years old, I was obsessed with love. I can remember my first crush in pre-school to this day. I grew up with awesome parents. (I know! I'm lucky!) They are still married, 35 years later. So, I grew up thinking that love just kind of works out and cheerfully went along with my business. 

In high school it became clear that love was not just working out. I became obsessed with having my first kiss, my first real boyfriend, and losing weight. Don't get me wrong, I still had good friends and a great life but whenever I thought about my love life, I felt embarrassed and frustrated. People said annoying things to me like "it happens when you least expect it" and while I understand this now, it didn't help me know what to do to fix my situation. It just made me more anxious. 

I decided that the best thing to do would be to go on a crazy diet. So, I did. It "worked". I fell in love right away. It was totally magical. The only problem was, that when the relationship looked like it was ending, I got a little desperate and had a total anxiety meltdown, which surprise surprise - pushed him away and made me feel like a loser who would never fall in love again! I thought that's it, I've ruined my one chance. Little did I know, that I had lost myself way before our break up. 

I have always been good with people but I hadn't yet learned how to handle myself in intimate relationships. Whole other ball game. I also hadn't learned how to not completely lose myself in a romantic relationship. Learning this years later was a game changer. 

So, back to feeling like a loser... I tried to diet more but that led to a bit of an eating disorder. I tried to drink more so I could meet more people but that led to feeling SO GROSS AND REGRETFUL. I tried dating guys I wasn't actually that into but that led to a lot of lies (to me, to my friends, to them, you name it). Eventually, THANK THE LORD, I was finally exhausted with feeling crappy and lost. I woke up super hung over one morning and decided it was time for some profesh help. 

I had no idea that just asking for help, could make life so much better. 

A bunch of spiritual adventures, workshops, books, teachers, healers, and trial and error later... I started feeling happier, more confident, and more attractive (without losing a pound) and my love life quickly started to turn around. I did several very fun and wild years of researching my femininity and sensuality too! I became very enthusiastic about personal development and boldly became a life coach at age 24. 

But then, it happened again! I fell in love and completely lost myself. It quickly became a co-dependent disaster and then we got engaged! While the ship's going down, might as well get engaged! Also, I was a Love Expert at this point so the whole thing made me want to hide under the covers and die.  

However, in true Lindsay fashion, I knew that if I got myself into this, I could get myself out of this and that there would be a gift in the pain. I am really good at finding the silver linings in life's weirdest moments and getting up and doing something about it. 

So, I committed to myself more than ever before and underwent the biggest transformation yet. Afterward, I promised to help other women do the same work I had done, because when I was crying on the floor, praying to God to PLEASE LET ME OUT of this terrible relationship, guess who was right there with me? An amazing woman, now one of my best friends, who said I'll help you but you're gonna to have to work it. 

Now it might be your turn. I can help. And you're gonna have to work it.

OMG, I am so glad I followed my intuition and trusted that woman. I cleaned my life up all the way. And then, I humbly started creating a life I really love and I even fell in love with a really good one. But even better than all that, I know deep in my gut that I trust myself and my life and there is even more magic and wonder to come.  And I can honestly say that most days, I really love myself!

Now, I teach the best of the best of what I learned along the way in my programs and coaching. If you're willing to be uncomfortable, grow, and laugh and cry while you rediscover yourself, you can have the love life you've been wanting AND get this, I bet it will be better than you thought. 


Lindsay Chrisler is one of NYC's top Love Coaches, specializing in helping amazing women create amazing relationships. 

One client described her as “insanely wise for her age,” while another declared her to be “the most reassuring, loving, and helpful person you can have in your corner.” One look at her #1 ranking on Yelp, and you’ll quickly see why her clients adore her, since launching her business in 2011.

Lindsay's insights have been featured in Glamour, Elle, Refinery29, Marie Claire, Bustle, New York Post, and ABC News and Radio. 

When she's not making youtube videos, podcasts or coaching her clients, she can be found in bed drinking fancy green tea and shamelessly enjoying top 40 hits.