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Lindsay Chrisler Dating Coach NYC, Relationship Coach NYC, New York

When it comes to love, Lindsay Chrisler has a refreshing philosophy: Love is everywhere. You’re not alone in your struggles. There is a more soulful way to get everything that you want.

As a coach, she has devoted her life to helping people experience the love life they’ve always wanted.

She works with everyone from frustrated and jaded single people who hate being called single people, to couples who somehow got stuck along the way. She coaches clients via video, making it easy to have clients in NYC, SF Bay Area, Canada, Mexico, and more.

But she’s not just a Love Coach.

Lindsay is also an avid and enthusiastic seeker. She has an insatiable appetite to learn, love, and talk honestly about her experience, with the hope that people don’t have to feel so isolated. She often trades her expert status for the next level of her own vulnerable learning, so that she can better help others as they traverse their own ups and downs in life’s many versions of relationship.

One client described her as “insanely wise for her age,” while another declared her to be “the most reassuring, loving, and helpful person you can have in your corner.” One look at her #1 ranking on Yelp for NYC Life Coaches, and you’ll quickly see why her clients adore her, since launching her business 5 years ago.

Her insights have been featured in ABCNews Radio, Marie Claire, New York Post, Refinery29, Elle France, Well+Good, as well as television appearances on Fox40 News and FOX New York. Starting this fall, you’ll hear her giggling, ranting, and dishing about her own love life, alongside her long time best friend and fellow dating coach friend, Lani, on their upcoming podcast.

When she’s not coaching clients or making her youtube videos, you can find her adoring her faithful canine sidekick Emma, seeking spiritual adventures of all kinds, or rocking out with fancy tea and Top 40 hits.

Transform your experience of dating, relating, and love at www.lindsaychrisler.com