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Holiday Dating

While most single women dread the holiday season -arriving at a slew of parties solo, avoiding Aunt Betty’s never ending questions about marital status, and spending more time eating a chocolate snow man than cuddling a real man on the couch, I think the holidays can be a prime opportunity for meeting a great guy – as long as you have the right tools and attitude. If you don’t, it’s …Read More

Podcast – Attract A King

My first podcast is up! This is a 35 minute podcast that will let you know the Top 5 Ways to Attract a King into your life. The Princess Detox is a women’s Meetup group that I started in NYC to help women come together to wake up, grow up, and live their dreams.Yes, you can have any kind of love life you want but you know who has the love …Read More

Top 5 Ways To Get A Boyfriend

How do I get a boyfriend? How do I attract my soul mate? I hear these questions often. My top 5 ways to help you find the love of your life are not for the faint of heart. 1. Be kinder. Especially to yourself. And the little 3 year old inside of you that was told sex is bad, or the 7 year old inside of you they called chubby. …Read More

EVENT: May 30 & June 1

TOPIC: People come to me and want to know how to find love. They want homework, exercises, goals, structure and guarantees. I get that. When I don’t know what the hell I’m doing or why what I’m doing is not working, I crave step by step instructions too. It’s calming. The brain likes it. However, no exercise or coaching is going to work if it feels like a chore or …Read More

The New Sex Ed For Adults

Sexuality is an important part of being human. Whether you’re single or married, male or female, your sexuality never goes away. It never stops being important. We just like to find reasons to hide it, take it off the to do list, pretend that it’s his or her job, decide that it doesn’t matter that much. Even if you’re having good sex, it can always be great. This is the …Read More

How To Be A Love Magnet

Imagine the cute guy or girl across the room walking over to you and asking for your phone number. Imagine going on a date with this new prospect or the partner you already have and spending the date laughing, divulging secrets, having fun. Now, imagine building a friendship, a way of relating focused on loving each other and growing alongside each other. Imagine a deeply satisfying and fulfilling sex life. …Read More

Dream Relationship in 90 Days!

CREATE YOUR DREAM RELATIONSHIP IN 90 DAYS Imagine dating someone that turns you on, inspires you, and loves you. Imagine spending the day with this person laughing, sharing secrets, and having fun. Imagine a deeply satisfying and fulfilling sex life with this person – a sex life that has you feel spark, attraction, and space to let your wilder side out. Imagine creating a relationship based on friendship, connection, and …Read More

EVENT: Giving Up The Games

3 Secrets She’s Not Telling You An Event for Men… Imagine walking up to the cute girl across the room and asking for her phone number. Imagine going on a date with her and having fun. Imagine getting laid that night. That’s right, that night. Now, imagine a deeply satisfying and fulfilling friendship, relationship and sex life with this person. A sex life where you feel magnetized to her, where …Read More