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ABCNews – How To Flirt

In a recent interview series on www.slacker.com, ABCNews Radio interviewed me on several topics for their Women’s Life Series. Click the link below to hear my favorite segment: How To Flirt – Lindsay Chrisler and ABCNews:Slacker   Flirting is a skill we were all born with and for me, it’s a skill that I have to be always practicing to feel good. I love flirting. It makes me feel alive, fun, …Read More

Your Love Life Resolution

You might be thinking how can I improve my love life this year? Many single women (and some men) decide on New Year’s Day that this is the year to find “the one.” While I love the intention (because I talk to many women who have given up on having the love life of their dreams and that’s no fun) there’s one red flag with this New Year’s resolution. You …Read More