Holiday Dating

While most single women dread the holiday season -arriving at a slew of parties solo, avoiding Aunt Betty’s never ending questions about marital status, and spending more time eating a chocolate snow man than cuddling a real man on the couch, I think the holidays can be a prime opportunity for meeting a great guy – as long as you have the right tools and attitude. If you don’t, it’s just more draining cocktail parties and fruitcakes.

Every single woman needs to know these top 5 ways to attract a sexy man this month, just in time for a delightful new year’s eve kiss.

 1.  Change your radar from “the one” to “great guy to spend an evening with.”

There is nothing more unattractive than being scanned for baby-making potential right out of the gate. Desperate and critical ain’t too pretty.

 2.  Go to parties where you’ll feel good and laugh.

Leave invites from negative nancies, competitive cathies, and judgemental judies in your inbox. No parties? Find an event that will make you giggle. Take a friend that isn’t in either of those 3 categories.

3.  Redo your online profile with the goal of turning him on a little.

Unleash a little of your naughty side this season. You’re not getting hired to be on the PTA, you’re getting browsed by men that want a love life. And if you don’t have an online profile, get one. Then you’ll have no excuse to not have a date next week!

4.  Fluff yourself before you go out.

Do what you love right before you go to the party so you feel great about yourself: dance around your room naked, light your favorite candle and meditate, do an unexpected good deed, take a bubble bath (but skip the emo music, maybe Mariah Carey’s holiday album would be best). Show up to every party at your best. There is no better way to meet a great guy that through your friends. 63% of married couples say they met their mate through a friend.

5.  Go up and ask for his number and call him!

It’s not desperate, it’s called being proactive. Don’t believe the movies or what your friends tell you. You want love, go out and make it happen. Besides, have you ever heard of a guy that said “she asked ME out so that was a red flag she wasn’t the right woman for me?” No way.

Now you have your top 5 tools for a love life experiment this holiday season. I hope this brings you some joy and merriment and I wish you all lots of luck and love, love, love.

Love, Lindsay

P.S. I want to hear about your experiment so let me know what happens out there in the comments!

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