Top 5 Ways To Get A Boyfriend

How do I get a boyfriend? How do I attract my soul mate? I hear these questions often. My top 5 ways to help you find the love of your life are not for the faint of heart.

1. Be kinder.

Especially to yourself. And the little 3 year old inside of you that was told sex is bad, or the 7 year old inside of you they called chubby. Be nice to all the scared parts of you and then be nice to the men that you meet. In fact, be nicer to everyone you meet. Kindness attracts kindness. Love attracts love.

2. Look your next date in the eye. And say thank you like you mean it. THANK YOU.

Even if he didn’t pay for dinner or wore weird shoes. He spent an hour listening to you. Say thank you. If you don’t have a date lined up, see #3.

3. Ask someone out today.

Anybody who makes your body tingle. Maybe he’s hot or maybe he seems disgusting yet intriguing. If there is heat in your body, ask him. The internet gives you absolutely no excuse out of this one.

4. Find out what uncomfortable feels like in your body and get used to it (because dating, especially guys you actually like, is uncomfortable).

Sweaty armpits? Babbling? Back pain? Hiding under the covers syndrome? Notice when you’re uncomfortable and memorize the signals. That way, when he doesn’t call you back and you’re hiding under the covers you can say to yourself “Oh! I’m uncomfortable. This sucks” instead of “He is not worth my time anyway. F**k him!” which will only make you feel better for a minute and then you’ll still be single and searching.

5. Make yourself uncomfortable when the stakes are low.

Scream in public. Post a naughty short story anonymously. Ask the awkward guy to dance. Then when the stakes are high and you really like him and you’re really uncomfortable because you don’t know what the heck is going on with him, you’ll know how to be bold anyway. And if you’ve been single for a while, it’s time to be bold.

You’ll be able to walk right up to him and ask him out. You’ll be able to tell him just how you like it in bed. You’ll be able to create the love life you want.

I know some of those steps may not feel that great to read. I know dating and growing at the same time is freaky. Remember, don’t worry about doing it right. Just do something.



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