EVENT: May 30 & June 1

TOPIC: People come to me and want to know how to find love. They want homework, exercises, goals, structure and guarantees. I get that. When I don’t know what the hell I’m doing or why what I’m doing is not working, I crave step by step instructions too. It’s calming. The brain likes it. However, no exercise or coaching is going to work if it feels like a chore or a to do list item. Especially when it comes to love. This talk will be about how to stop stressing yourself out about your love life. 

Wednesday, May 30th 7:30-9pm @ Flo Living Center – 161 W 54th St # 1404  New York, NY 10019

Friday, June 1st 7:30-9pm @ Fluid Coffee Bar: 501 E 19th Ave Denver, CO 80203

This event is free of charge however RSVPs highly appreciated! RSVP HERE

Event Description: 

An interactive evening lecture series with New York Love Life Consultant and Speaker, Lindsay Chrisler…

*Get inspired to dream big when it comes to your deepest desires for your love life. Even the not so PC desires.

*Discover new perspectives on the common love questions and struggles. Not your usual magazine answers or what your friends will tell you.

*Start right away.  Walk out of these talks feeling turned on and clear about the next step.

We all want love. We all want attention. We all want to be heard and seen and loved for who we are. So, if we all want the same things, why is it challenging to find? And how do we get through the challenges so we can be and stay in love? How do we create the spark or keep the spark once we’ve had it?

Each talk is designed to get you one big step closer to answering these questions and more so you can start living the love life you’ve always wanted.

This is what people said recently about Lindsay’s work:

“Lindsay completely changed my outlook on dating and view of myself in the dating world.” -Lindsay, New York

“Lindsay is f**king talented. She’s intuitive and somehow just ‘gets’ what you need.” – Amber, San Francisco

You do not have to settle for less than what you want. Let’s repeat that. You do not have to settle. However, at some point you do have to take action to get what you want. Attending this lecture is a great place to start.

Join Lindsay Chrisler for a free interactive lecture that will turn you on and make you think.


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