EVENT: Giving Up The Games

3 Secrets She’s Not Telling You

An Event for Men…

Imagine walking up to the cute girl across the room and asking for her phone number. Imagine going on a date with her and having fun.

Imagine getting laid that night. That’s right, that night.

Now, imagine a deeply satisfying and fulfilling friendship, relationship and sex life with this person. A sex life where you feel magnetized to her, where you get to be the man, where the turn on feels effortless and you don’t have to do anything special to get it from her.

This could be you. I call it being the man you are meant to be: strong, stable, and loving. He knows what he wants and goes after it.

This could be you.

*Do you want more sex?
*Do you want to feel more confident around hot women?
*Do you want to meet more datable women?
*Do you want to be in an amazing relationship?
*Do you think about getting back together with the last girl? Even if she wasn’t that great?
*Are you bored with online dating or found it to be unfulfilling?
*Are you ready to be in a loving relationship that lasts?

Having a sexy woman who treats you well is a few insights away. Don’t waste another minute wondering how to get her or thinking you can’t have her. Knowing these secrets will not only make you feel good, it will also get you results: that relationship you’ve been wanting, the job you were meant to do, the sex life you’ve been craving.

Through personal stories, new perspectives on the classic dating and relationship questions, learn about the games we play and how to give them up.

Begin by taking the first step: join Lindsay Chrisler, for a free evening talk on the 3 top secrets she’s not telling you.

These are the secrets you need to know to get the love, sex, and women you want.

If you’ve ever been confused about what the heck went wrong, or why you aren’t getting what you want in sex and relating … or simply want more out of an already great sex and dating life … well, just get yourself to this event.

Space is limited. RSVP HERE for full details…

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