EVENT: Turn On Talk

Imagine walking up to the cute guy across the room and asking for his phone number. Imagine going on a date with him and spending the date laughing, divulging secrets, having fun. Now, imagine dating him and building a friendship, a way of relating focused on loving each other and growing alongside each other. Imagine a deeply satisfying and fulfilling sex life with this person. A sex life that has you feel, spark, attraction, and space to let your wilder side out.

A space to play.

This could be you. I call it being a turned on woman. She knows what she wants and goes after it. She’s brave, she’s sexy, and she’s responsible about creating her own happiness – she doesn’t wait for someone else to do it for her or for it to magically appear.

This could be you.

Do you want to be in an amazing relationship?
Do you think about getting back together with the last guy? Even if he wasn’t so great?
Are you bored with online dating or found it to be unfulfilling?
Are you bored with the idea of meeting people at bars?
Do you often fantasize about meeting the one but then think you’re asking for too much?
Do you want to feel sexier and more confident in and out of the bedroom?
Are you ready to be in a loving relationship that lasts?

Being turned on is a state that is available to every woman. Don’t waste another minute wondering how to get it or thinking you can’t have it. Turn on will not only make you feel good and sexy, it will also get you that relationship you’ve been wanting, the job you were meant to do, the sex life you’ve been craving.

Through personal stories, new perspectives on the classic single woman questions, fun and light exercises (everything is PG rated and voluntary), and time to socialize of course – learn how to live a turned on life starting now.

Begin by taking the first step: join Lindsay Chrisler, for a free evening talk on the one thing that makes every woman feel fully alive: turn on.

NEW DATE!! Tuesday, October 4th  7-8:15pm.

Click the following link to register for the call. You will then receive the phone number and pin to call in with.

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