The Art of Ain’t Trippin

This is my first go at VIDEO blogging and I wanted to give it a try to push myself to do something new and also because my experience yesterday in Sunday church was alive and vibrant and I thought talking about it might be a fun new way to get the message across.

Today’s post fresh from this morning in Central Park:

This week it’s all about appreciating how far you’ve come and who you are before moving forward. Stop trippin and start appreciating. No one owes you anything. You don’t have a right to anything going the way you think it should go. This goes for the dating and relationship world especially – you have to earn a good date, a good partner, good sex. Do you know what makes you amazing? Do you appreciate how much you already have? Start doing that and then see how much your dating, relationship, and sex life improves.

There will be more videos and articles to come so email me what you’d like help with, your saucy questions about your love life, anything you’re curious about! email me

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